Casa Oasis believes in a holistic mind, body and soul harmony and draws from modern and ancient healing practices ranging from therapy, coaching, experience and plant and animal-based medicine ceremonies. Daily and weekly group and private sessions available.

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Services Include:
Therapy/Life Coaching | Yoga, Meditation | Plant Based Medicines | Energy Healing

Therapies with Amanda

Reiki Shamballa and Aromatherapy

Energy therapy that works on a mental, physical, spiritual and energetic level. Technique of channeling the universal energy passed on through the laying on of hands. The objective of this practice is to restore, through cleaning, unblocking and activating your chakras, the energy balance, energetically harmonizing it to activate the self-balance system and restore health, a great complement to other treatments. Aromatherapy is part of the session helping to harmonize and relax.
30 minutes – $850 MXN
45 minutes – $950 MXN


This therapy carried out with the Rapé medicine aids in our inner connection, self-healing and self-care. A sacred tool that helps treat mental, physical and spiritual illnesses. Rapé medicine is one of the most important traditional medicinal and healing resources used by Amazonian indigenous cultures. The wisdom of Rapé dates back to antiquity and its therapeutic use brings results to be obtained in a short period of time. Some benefits of Rapé: Calming and relaxation, concentration, cleanses energy, treats addictions, helps alleviate anxiety and depression, treatment of respiratory problems (Rhinitis and sinusitis), treats body aches, headaches. A Rapé session includes: Rapé medicine, aromatherapy, Reiki and cleansing with plants.
60 minutes (1 Rapé) – $1200 MXN
90 minutes (2 Rapés) – $1400 MXN

Energetic Cleansing with Plants

Energy cleaning is a way to restore your vital energy, dispersing feelings, vibrations and remnants of negative energies or those coming from other people or charged environments.
30 minutes – $450 MXN

Meditation with Rapé Application

In this session, we utilize the Rapé medicine with the intention of self connecting to enable you to better enjoy your moment of meditation, a moment of peace and inner connection. Can be done individually or in groups.
60 minutes – $1000 MXN (per person)

Therapies with Viridiana

Vinyasa Yoga

Yoga is an ancient Eastern science of Being whose main objective is one of liberation and transcendence.  Yoga is the union of the body, mind and soul in a manner that aims for its elevation. Yoga is an art, science and philosophy.  It affects all levels of human life, those of the physical, mental, emotional and the energy field.
Sadhana îs the daily practice of yoga to cleanse, purify and polish our body to maximize its full potential.  Yoga, if practiced as a serious and constant discipline, has various benefits such as:   improved concentration, lucidity, sleep, mood, skin quality, regulates weight, accelerates healing, regulates functioning of organs
Structure of each class
  • Beginning of the meditation
  • Philosophy
  • Mantra
  • Pranayama
  • Asanas
  • Closure

6:30pm Monday and Wednesday, sign up required, 75 minutes – $150 MXN

Usui Reiki

Reiki is a Japanese energy healing technique through which the laying of hands on the body via massage, healing is carried out on a physical, mental, emotional and energetic level.   The patient is taken through a process of energy elevation, introspection and healing. Among the benefits is the acceleration of healing for individuals as an adjunct to medical treatment. Reiki is endorsed by the World Health Organization as an alternative medicine and in countries such as the United States and Canada, it is included as complementary therapy.   These sessions incorporate aromatherapy, massage, medicinal plants and relaxing music.

60 minutes – $1000 MXN

Alchemical Breathing System

Alchemical Breathing is a system of meditations in movement, which uses sexual energy to raise it into consciousness to heal the body, mind, emotions and in this way, we access the subconscious to explore and expand consciousness and to connect with our divinity, and animal and human essences.  Here we learn the personal tools which aid us in detaching the different paradigms of the mind, thus enabling us to modify emotions and heal the sacred temple that is our body.
This is a call to all to recover and live their potential that is latent under layers of domestication and the disharmonies of our bodies.
“The interior is a dark celestial vault that when given light is lived with love and fullness because we are aligning ourselves with our essence.”
Meditations in movement is an entire system based on tantra, tao, shamanism, you, transpersonal psychology among other sciences of the Being.  Through breathing and movement we connect with our energy centers to access the subconscious.
Our psyche is divided into: 1% conscious mind
                                                 99% unconscious mind
Within the subconscious mind is the unconscious and the supra conscious.
These meditations are offered to women, men and couples.

75 minutes – $170 MXN

Born in Water

Memories of conception, intrauterine life, birth and early childhood intensely mark our way of connecting with the environment and our ability to respond to different stimuli.  “Remembering this process, repairs the memory we have of our creation, and if this creation has circumstances full of judgements, or beliefs of right or wrong, this is how we are evaluating our creative power and therefore the nature of life.  Existence is in fact and essence, an erotic art.  Everything that exists in the universe has been created from this energy.  We are all children of the universal couple, purifying and dignifying sex is purifying and dignifying life itself.”  Kala Sutra
Born in Water is:
  • One part energetic
  • Rebirth
  • To declare Yes to me and all that is Devine and to say No to all that is not Devine and that plagues me
  • A cellular regeneration
  • Through the respiration comes the death of the programmed cells that are obsolete and the birth of divine cells; in a update of our system
  • These Alchemical Breathing techniques are offered to women, men and couples

60 minutes – $859 MXN

Therapies with Leisy

Yoga Classes

The Hatha yoga classes, combined with Kundalini exercises work the entire body through the development of asanas and poses to improve and build strength, balance, and coordination. Additionally to practice pranayamas (focusing on breath), is to train ourselves that this breath is the vital life force and the medium of connection between the body, mind and spirit. Each class ends with a relaxing meditation reflection to fully realize the benefits of the session.

Tuesday and Thursday classes, One hour, 7:00am start
$150 MXN

Therapies with Abel

Meditation for Consciousness and Breath

For stimulating the senses of being. Accompanied by facial and neck massage, subtle instrumentation and melodies for the auditory system.

90 minutes – $950 MXN

Ancestral and plant-based medicines:

* All ceremonies range from 3 to 6 participants

Bufo Alvarus (Dimetetiltriptomine DMT)
2 hours

Accompanied by facial and neck massage, and subtle instrumentation and melodies.
2 hours

1500 pesos for ceremony
1600 pesos for private session
Application of Rapé tobacco also available


Immuno enhancing medicine producing a profound cleansing of body and soul. Repairing energetic blockages and preventing contracting external illnesses. Application of Rapé optional

90 Minutes
950 MXN


A smokeable mixture of plant extracts containing Dimetetiltriptomine (DMT).

Session includes meditation, relaxing facial and neck massage. Application of Rapé optional.
190 Minutes
1100 MXN, session includes meditation

Energetic Cleansings

For integral for disposing of negative energy of entire body using ancient shamanic customs.
60 Minutes
1000 MXN

Tai Chi Classes

Body movement and spiritual relaxation.
60 Minutes
533 MXN

Therapies with Kaori

Music Therapy

A deep transpersonal and humanistic psychotherapeutic experience that expands consciousness and heal the psyche. This therapy can be coupled with holotrophic breathing.in advanced sessions.
Individual session
Approximately 2 hrs – $2000 MXN

Energetical Cleansing

Shamanic techniques utilized to prompt the energetical body to release dense and toxic energy aimed at recovering physical and psychological health.
Individual session
Approximately 2 hrs – $2000 MXN

Free Your Voice

Organic techniques to unblock our unique voice. A recapturing and nurturing of integral role that the voice has in our lives.
Time: 8 hrs. (optional 4 hrs or a full course of 44 hrs)
Price: $1500 MXN per person in a group (8 hrs)
Min: 8 persons
Máx: 14 persons

Relaxation Retreat

A relaxation and joyful experience involving Yoga, Meditation, Music therapy and more activities aiding the body, mind and soul reestablish balance. A renewal of the soul.
Time: 8-16 hrs
Price: $2000/$4000 MXN
Min: 12 persons
Máx: 20 persons

Blessing Ritual

An ancient Shamanic method used in blessing and launching new projects, to close outdated chapters and cycles and to say goodbye to toxic and difficult experiences.
Individual or group session
Time: 2 hrs approx
Price: (individual): $2000 MXN
(per person in group experience): $500 MXN
Mín: 6 persons
Máx: 12 persons

The Rite of the Womb

A healing ritual, inherited from the feminine spirit of the Amazon rainforest, through a lineage of medicine women who have been able to free themselves from ancestral suffering. This ritual honors the ancestors and heals legacy memories of pain, fear and anguish that stems from our family tree, raises the frequency of our vibration and creativity and informs both our being and body that our uterus is not a place to keep fear or pain; but is a place to create and give light to life.

Receiving it makes you a Guardian of the womb and you can pass this rite on to other women.

Individual session: Time: 1 hr
Price (individual): $1000 MXN

Group session: 3 hrs
Price (per person in group experience): $500 MXN
Mín: 6 persons
Máx: 20 persons

Therapies with Valery

Private Balance Class

A beautiful creation to activate balance of mind, body and spirit. A method of meditation connecting breath work and developing an expansion of the body through the movement and joints and gentle stretching harmonized with vibrational frequencies via Soundbath. // Una bella creación para activar el equilibrio en mente, cuerpo y espíritu. Un método de meditación conectando con la respiración para desenvolver la expansión del cuerpo a través del movimiento articular y la flexibilidad pasiva armonizado con las frecuencias de los cuencos de cuarzo. Un resultado maravilloso.
60 minutes $900 MXN
Group Classes of minimum 5 participants with maximum of 10 participants
60 minutes $200 MXN per person

Therapies with Abraham


Bufo is a powerful and potent psychedelic that comes from the Colorado River (or Sonoran Desert) Toad, Bufo alvarius. Using this loving medicine, enables you to make contact with your conditioned ego and to connect with a divine source consciousness. Bufo is smoked directly in a pipe or vape and quickly goes into and out of the bloodstream.
$1500 MXN

Breathwork with Ice Bath

Connection to spirit – strength & conditioning of the body & mind

Together with breathing exercises and focus, controlled exposure to cold conditions is an important part of the Wim Hof Method, which we use in this Blended Breathwork and Ice bathing session. After an intense race or match, professional athletes jump into a tub of ice water to reap the benefits of the ice bath, including physical recovery, weight loss, and increased parasympathetic activity.
60-90 minutes / $1200 MXN