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We call it BIOLACT because it is the perfect combination between unbelievably amazing shiny BIOluminescence in the sea and the spectacular view of the Milky way (Vía LACTea in Spanish).

By boat, we depart to a secret hideaway removed from all electric light to submerge into nature’s mysticism where we will be amazed by the sight of bioluminescence (microorganisms that light up with the movement). Here we will see the sea light up in front of our own eyes. If luck prevails, fish and stingrays can also be observed and aglow. All this surrounded by the most magnificent sight of the milky way and a full starry night.

We will disembark from the boat to play and swim with the Bioluminescence, immersing ourselves in a magical world of surreal interaction with them. We will also do a scavenger hunt for the mysterious sea creatures of the night and we will learn about sea life in the region. As part of our adventure we will invite you to engage in a brief meditation to connect with the vastness of the universe and the here and now.

To conclude this amazing experience, we will have a surprise activity that will leave you speechless. Anyone that hasn’t made this trip will ever believe the story of your unbelievable experience.

You can’t miss it!

Duration – approx. 2 hours

1-4 people – $3,600 MXN per tour
5-8 people – $800 MXN per person

*Dates are subject to each month
**Pick up/drop off not included


On this Wai-Há day trip we will be visiting the connection of a Cenote to a little cave in the middle of the sea where fresh water comes out to the surface creating a natural fountain that collapses between fresh and sea water, a phenomenon that can only be experience around this area, we will sensorially experience this great wonder via the sound, the difference of the temperature, the taste and the vibration of the water.

This phenomenon of the perfect union in nature between salt water and fresh water from a connection through a cave in the middle of the sea it’s call Ojo de Agua and here in Dzilam de Bravo we have the biggest one of Yucatan, its name is Xbuya Ha. If National Geographic has already experienced this adventure, why haven’t you?.

On this same trip we will trek into the Mangrove of the Ecological Reserve trough a beautiful path surrounded by the flora and fauna to visit the Sacred Cenote Elepeten. Here we will feel the freshness of its healing waters and we will let all our worries and stress behind while swimming with all my aquatic friends; Bob, Clara, José and all their fish relatives that live in the Cenote Elepeten.

Punta Arena is the name of the island that we will be visiting in this tour. This beautiful oasis provides the clearest, and shallowest water of the sea, perfect for kids and grownups who can’t get enough of paradise. It’s an experience you can’t miss!

Duration – approx 3 hours

$3,600 MXN per tour (1-8 people in one boat), transportation not included

CENOTES (with or without Temazcal)

We will live a unique experience where we will visit three wonderful cenotes (natural underground pool), we will bathe in the sacred waters of the Mayans healing our bodies with their therapeutic properties. Cleansing our auras with their energies, we will also purify our skin with mineral mud from a rustic and very special cave.

Temazcal (Steam Bath):

The Temazcal Ceremony represents the womb of Mother Earth. The word ‘temazcal’ comes from the Nahuatl word ‘temazcalli’ (temaz – sweat, calli – house); its literal translation would be ‘house of sweat.’ In this ceremony, we work with the four elements, three of our five senses, our ancestors, and of course nature.

Participants enter it symbolizing entering the womb of Mother Earth.

This ceremony is led by a local shaman and is a crucial part of our culture and traditions, aiming to purify both the physical and spiritual body.

– $1,100 MXN, Temazcal not included
– $1,700 MXN, including Temazcal
(Minimum 4 people)


Round-trip transportation from Casa Oasis or City Center
Life jackets (mandatory)
Entry to 3 cenotes