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Body, Beauty and Soul

Experience Harmony

Our in-house spa offers a range of massage, reflexology, facial, nail and aroma therapy services that will restore your body and soul.

In addition to traditional massages, and Mayan Healing treatments, our professional therapists also utilize Reiki to promote physical and emotional healing offering a truly unique, once-in-a-lifetime Mérida wellness experience.

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Whatever treatment you choose, you will indeed feel relaxed and refreshed.

Menu of Services

Therapies with Silvia

Relaxation Massage

Manual technique to achieve a physical and mental state of relaxation, relieving muscular pain and helping to improve sleep.

60 min – $800 MXN (healing vibrational bowls sound bath $1100) / 90 min – $1100 MXN (with sound bath $1300)

Energetic Massage

Technique that allows to move includes dilatation of the joints.

60 min – $900 MXN / 90 min – $1200 MXN

Hot Stone Massage

Calms the body using the heat of the stones. Stimulates blood circulation and reduces muscle contractions and inflammation.

60 min – $1100 MXN

Chocolate Facial Mask

Rejuvenation treatment with antioxidants. The aroma stimulates and increases positive mood and reduces stress.

45 min – $900 MXN

Beauty Experience

A beautiful combination of facial massage and relaxation massage giving the body beauty and total rest.

90 min – $1300 MXN

Therapies with Valery

Relaxation Massage

Manual technique to get a physical and mental state of relaxation, relieving muscular pains and helping to sleep better.

60 min – $800 MXN (with healing vibrational bowls sound bath $1100) / 90 min – $1100 MXN (with sound bath $1300)

Deep Tissue Massage

Aimed at relieving great stress and tensions, aiding circulation and healing injuries.

60 min – $1100 MXN (with sound bath $1300)

Therapies with Jesúa

Super facial Massage: “Renew your Energy”

Experience the revitalizing sensation of our super facial massage, designed to awaken your senses and relieve stress accumulated on the surface of your skin. With soft and delicate movements, this massage will transport you to a state of total relaxation, renewing your energy to face the day with a smile on your face.

Eliminate muscle tension resulting from daily stress.

Reduce pain. Improve circulation.

State of mental relaxation.

Reduce anxiety symptoms.

Restores internal harmony that has been lost, increasing self-esteem and energy.

60 min – $800 MXN / 9o min – $1100 MXN

Deep Massage: “Discover Deep Relief”

Immerse yourself in a unique experience with our deep massage, where specialized techniques are used to reach the deepest layers of your muscles.

Release accumulated tension

Improve circulation

Lasting relief.

Say goodbye to those annoying knots and give yourself the gift of a deep and transformative feeling

60 min – $1100 MXN / 90 min $1550 MXN

Abdominal Massage (Constipation): “Digestive Harmony”

Discover balance and harmony in your digestive system with our abdominal massage designed to relieve constipation. Our specialized therapist applies gentle and specific movements to stimulate intestinal function, providing relief and well-being. Enjoy a relaxing experience that not only relieves abdominal discomfort, but also promotes health and balance in your body.

60 min – $1100 MXN / 90 min $1550 MXN

Relaxing Massage with Percussion Gun: “Calm Vibrations”

Experience a whole new level of relaxation with our specialized massage that combines classic relaxation techniques with the innovation of a percussion gun. In our spa, we fuse the tradition of relaxing massage with the latest technologies to give you a unique and effective experience. Discover how the calm vibrations of our percussion gun transform your massage session into an oasis of calm and renewal. Let yourself be carried away by this unique experience of deep relaxation!

60 min – $1100 MXN / 90 min $1550 MXN

Therapies with Aura

Daily Makeup

Daily makeup enhances the natural features and softens the aesthetics of the face, with a light and durable application in neutral tones. For use during the day’s activities.

90 min – $900 MXN

Social Makeup

This focus is to enhance your facial features, inspired by your identified themes, achieving a balance between the tones of the application and your clothing.

These applications are carried out in an accentuated manner in comparison to Daily Makeup, pursuant to its durability and tailored for the specific type and hour of the event.

120 min – $1500 MXN

Combined Manicure

This service focuses on the removal of the cuticle using a small electric lathe, ensuring a longer lasting impact and adherence of the enamel to be applied.

Approx. 90 min

Simple Manicure – $600 MXN
Nail Polish Manicure – $700 MXN

Nail Leveling

This technique is aimed at strengthening and shaping the nails to enhance the structural volume and durability. This is especially important when encouraging nail growth. This procure is compatible with the combined manicure and enamel.

120 min

Simple Micro Extension – $900 MXN
Micro Extension with Enamel – $1000 MXN

Micro Gel Extensions

The purpose of the extension technique is to optimize both durability, resistance and prompting nail growth. It is made with a special gel structure specifically selected for the client’s needs and subsequently cured in UV/LED light.

120 min

Simple Micro Extension – $900 MXN
Micro Extension with Enamel – $1000 MXN

Spa Manicure

The spa manicure focuses on a deep hydration and relaxation treatment of the hands, forearms and elbows, revitalizing and nourishing them. This treatment provides the formulation of calluses, cracks and staves off premature hand aging, activating circulation and providing a vital cleansing. Your nails are cleaned and squared, the cuticle is removed, and various applications of scrubbing, mask and moisturizing cream during relaxing massages.

90 min – $800 MXN

Combined Pedicure

This service focuses on the removal of the cuticle through the use of a small lathe ensuring a longer lasting enamel finish. This combined pedicure removes calluses dry, and dead skin. As requested, one is prepared for enameling.

90 min

Simple Pedicure – $700 MXN
Pedicure with Nail Polish – $800 MXN

Spa Pedicure

The spa pedicure focuses on a deep hydration and relaxation service of the feet, calves and knees, leaving them soft, supple while revitalizing and nurturing them. This treatment prevents the formation of calluses, cracks and delays the aging of the feet, cleaning them of impurities and activating circulation. Your nails are cleaned and squared, the cuticle is removed and various applications of scrub, mask and moisturizing creams are used during relaxing massages.

90 min – $900 MXN