About George Calderon

Very simply, I am not your traditional therapist. Aligning with me, is to form a partnership into fulfillment, exploration and wholeness. I partner from a place of doing, being and striving via experience and taking chances. We have been conditioned to both a conscious and unconscious domestication, my practice will bring you back in touch with who you were before you were restricted by this social conditioning.

My practice is built on the vigorous pursuit of consciousness aimed at “knowing thyself”, wedding therapy, insight, lifestyle, coaching, being and drawing inspiration from philosophy, art, science, ancient holistic healing traditions, nature, and music. Our collaboration will help you gain a mindful recognition of your woundedness and shadow(s), to raise your vibrational frequency, and help you unleash the mastery, joy and wisdom that inhabits you. You, your community, and our world as a whole need you to shine your light as brightly as you can. And I’m here to help you do just that. I know we can do it!

Your journey and devotional practice toward growth and fulfillment will be nurtured by my thirty years of experience supporting thousands in recovering from mental health, substance abuse, and general life challenges while working in community agency, school, medical and even correctional settings. For you, the motivated and curious adult, who is being plagued by the gnawing feeling that you are not living the life you should be, I am passionately committed to helping you find your True Self and combat suffering from disempowerment, restrictedness, trauma, loss, anxiety, depression, addiction and relationship problems.

My service to others draws from an eclectic and wide range of knowledge and skills spanning client centered, insight oriented therapy, holistic healing practices, Cognitive and Dialectical Behavioral, Jungian, Psychoanalytic, Acceptance and Commitment as well as Schema Therapies aimed at creating consciousness and turning it into action. I am also a devout proponent of utilizing Ruiz’s “Four Agreements”, and Glasser’s, “Choice Theory” paradigms for providing individuals like you a framework for understanding and freeing ourselves from the clutches that keep us down. Most recently, I’ve expanded my pursuit of consciousness via the aid of the ancient healing traditions of indigenous plant and animal-based medicines such as Ayahuasca, Bufo, Peyote and Rapé within the confines of Casa Del Maya. These indigenous medicines heighten and illuminate our “True Self”, while untethering us from the restrictedness of our egos.



I provide therapy to individuals, couples, families, and groups to cultivate growth opportunities by helping you gain insight and meaning of your journey thus far and future endeavors. Reflection on the past is often necessary to arrive at this meaning and to align our lives with the touchstones of truth, beauty, love and goodness. To guide us in our journey I routinely recommend and reference readings.

Remote weekly and bi-weekly sessions available for individuals, couples, families and groups via secure video chat or phone

50 mins | $140


My Life Coaching is a partnership in identifying and understanding your essence and passions. In these endeavors, we overwhelmingly focus on the present and future and in doing so, create strategic, tangible and meaningful goals to foster accountability, progress and success.

Remote weekly and bi-weekly sessions available via secure video chat or phone

50 mins | $140


I am certified and licensed to provide Mental Health Evaluations, Parent Evaluations and Substance Use Disorder Assessments.

Costs Vary