About Casa Oasis

Casa Oasis Guest House and Spa is the expansion of a consciousness forged by owners George Calderon, a Psychologist, and Sarah Mattson, rooted in the simple but fundamental notion of wedding hospitality with wellness. Born decades ago via love of architecture, particularly mediterranean, George and Sarah purchased a multitude of homes which they would later use as rentals and this evolved into the creation of SolMar International, to more fully bring about this natural pairing. In 2019, SolMar’s vision further blossomed with their purchase of the lovely and elegant Casa Mar a Cielo on Washington’s Puget Sound which they envisioned as their private home and a wellness retreat center.

Upon the emergence of the pandemic, George recognized that along with its inherent restrictions, so too had it brought forth opportunities for freedom and alignment with this burgeoning vision of hospitality and wellness. Furthermore, the ubiquitousness of remote technology in the therapeutic arena, gave rise to the potential expansion of George’s practice and his long held dream to reside in coastal Mexico became a reality, a place where his parents hailed. So in 2022, George and Sarah further embodied SolMar’s concept and vision and migrated to Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula and purchased Mérida’s beautiful and award winning boutique hotel, Casa Del Maya which they have converted into a holistic health and wellness center.

They now expand their vision to the elegant Casa Oasis Guest House and Spa. This expansion further embodies a fusion of wellness and community healing center while acting as a sister site to Casa Del Maya. With the idea of wedding hospitality Casa Oasis Guest House and Spa brings forth holistic health and wellness to our guests offering traditional mental health counseling/life coaching, meditation, yoga, massage, dance, indigenous, earthy wellness practices using plant-based medicines, hair and beauty services and energy healing. Part hotel, art gallery, salon, community hub, retreat and performing arts center, Casa Oasis is a wedding of health, wellness, consciousness and beauty.